Ampersand Survivor’s Council

#TakeTheLead & #MakeTheCalls

At Ampersand we believe that using your voice and your power can be a tool for healing and we want to create spaces and funnel resources to survivor led projects and build a community that listens to survivors.

That is why we are so excited to launch our survivor’s council.

We are forming a coalition of survivors who are interested in being part of our general survivors’ council. Complete this form and we will be in touch about what is to come!

Ampersand’s Survivor’s Council will be informed by its members and will utilize the empowerment model. We are here to lend support for survivors to connect, to be heard, and to build a space within our work. There are already individuals who have experienced sexual violence contributing at all levels at Ampersand, but this is a space to nurture survivor leadership throughout our community.

Want to be a founding member of Ampersand’s Survivor’s Council and help get this project off the ground? Join the leadership board.

Who is eligible?

  • Identifies as a survivor of sexual violence, at such a point in their healing journey that they’re not experiencing active crisis and would not be easily triggered by the work or activism the council may choose to do or the discussions and projects they may undertake
  • Invested in impacting the direction of the movement to end sexual violence
  • Someone who is excited to lead
  • Understands that victim shaming and/or blaming have no place in this movement
  • Understands empowerment
  • Able to attend an Ampersand training
  • Able to commit to 2 meetings per month

If you want to show up, support fellow survivors, throw your weight behind important projects, and lend your voice, apply for Ampersand’s Survivor’s Council here. 

If you are more interested in direct service with other survivors you can learn more about volunteering on our support line and as an advocate here. 

If you are more interested in nonprofit leadership, budgets, strategy plans, philanthropy, and administration and would like to sit on a committee or our board of directors click here.