Our vision is freedom from sexual violence.

We are all impacted by rape culture at our jobs, on the street, in our relationships, in our politics, & in our media. At Ampersand, our vision is Freedom From Sexual Violence.  

You deserve to live in a world that values consent, autonomy, and the power of your community. When you support Ampersand, do it for you. 

To end rape culture, we work to build something in its place together. 

Trained community volunteers help Ampersand maintain a 24/7 support line for anyone impacted by sexual violence to receive access to resources and an advocate. These same community members help Ampersand respond to the 17 hospitals in the Bluegrass when survivors arrive at the emergency room after an assault 

Investing in a new culture means investing in resources that support all survivorsThis is what your donation does. 

Your donation helps to end rape culture by… 

  • Ensuring that survivors can access free therapy and support systems 
  • Guaranteeing there is a trained advocate on the support line 24/7 and every survivor has support at the emergency room
  • Connecting survivors and community members to holistic, innovative care
  • Equipping community partners with information and skills to prevent harm from occurring and better support survivors
  • Interrupting harm in our schools, and empowering students, coworkers, friends, and neighbors to get creative about intervening in ways that feel comfortable for them 

If you need us we are here, and if you’re ready to answer the call, we need you. Please donate today. 

In Solidarity,  

The Ampersand Team