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You’re invited to join Ampersand leadership for a virtual information session this month! In under an hour you will be plugged into what is going on at your local rape crisis center, consider it Ampersand 101. Our community knowing about our work is crucial so just by spending an hour with us you will be able to help spread the word and know how to direct loved ones and community members our way.

If you have ever wanted to get more involved, volunteer, or better advocate for survivors this info session is for you!

You will only be asked for your time.

Register below for our next Inside Scoop event on Thursday, July 15th from 5:30 – 6:30 pm.

*Ice cream can not be provided via zoom.

Inside Scoop Registration

Register here to join Ampersand Advocates to learn more about Ampersand resources and our vision of freedom from sexual violence.