intersections: diet culture & rape culture presented by Ampersand

A collaboration with Ampersand Sexual Violence Resource Center & Sonalee Rashatwar, LCSW

What can you expect?

This group has been developed in partnership with Sonalee Rashatwar, a superfat, bisexual, sex therapist, and radical educator, who is also a survivor known by their Instagram handle as @TheFatSexTherapist.

In this space we will explore how big bodies experience the shame from sexual trauma in a distinctive way, which also impacts our relationship to pleasure permission. This 6-week group aims to cover unique solutions for this fat survivor sex shame. All topics will be explored using an intersectional lens – recognizing the many ways that our identities and life experiences impact our healing. Just like our trauma is political, so is our healing.

You will leave this 6 week series with concrete takeaways on how fat survivors can reclaim pleasure in all its forms in a world that seeks to continuously punish fat bodies.

This group is free, confidential, and will meet virtually on Tuesday nights at 6p EST for 90 minutes.

This is a closed group with a maximum of 15 plus-size survivors.

When does the group meet?

Tuesday May 25
Tuesday June 1
Tuesday June 8
Tuesday June 15
Tuesday June 22
Tuesday June 29

The deadline to register for this group is May 21st.

Who is this group for?

This is a group for fat survivors of sexual violence* living in Kentucky.

It is open to all genders and ages and will focus on centering the most marginalized.  Preference will be given to Black survivors, survivors of color, disabled survivors, and large fat survivors.

*We understand sexual violence exists on a spectrum. Wherever you are on that spectrum, you are welcome here.

Register by clicking here.