December is often a season of nonprofit competition disguised as season of giving. We want to shake things up. The GoodGiving Challenge starts TODAY and this is our organization’s first go at the challenge as Ampersand. To achieve Ampersand’s vision: freedom from sexual violence, we need you.

Our vision cannot be achieved without you. There is no freedom from sexual violence unless there are organizations like yours working to strengthen the resilience of our communities. To end rape culture, we need every individual & every agency to participate in a monumental culture shift, and we need to invest in you.

We want to work together to build a community that:

–       Confronts systems that oppress and marginalize us

–       Uplifts and holds space for the power of individuals with disabilities

–       Is led by representatives of diverse populations

–       Solves problems in unison, not in isolation

–       Supports all families

–       Recognizes that our community has enough resources for all of us to thrive

–       Keeps children safe and invests in the power of creativity & childhood

–       Sees unique and innovative ways to support individuals impacted by sexual violence

So let’s get to the point. Our community needs to know about the important, life changing work that our fellow organziations do. During the GoodGiving Challenge this year we want to spotlight different agencies and highlight how all of your work fuels the fight against sexual violence.

This week, keep an eye out for posts highlighting organizations who, in working towards their own visions, are also changing the culture. Become involved with all of us. Build community. Collaborate for culture change. When one of us succeeds, we all succeed, bringing us all closer to our vision of a stronger, more resilient community.

In solidarity,

Ampersand Staff