Survivor-led Support Group

Hope Harbor*, Lotus*, and Ampersand are collaborating to provide a space for survivors to build community, support each other, share experiences, and build resilience.

We know those who have experienced sexual violence can feel alone and isolated, believing there are not others who would understand. While everyone’s story is different, we believe there is power in community. We invite those who identify as survivors** to join us for our weekly Survivors’ Support Group. There is no attendance policy (so you can come whenever you can or need it) and there is no curriculum (so you won’t feel like you are missing something big when you can’t make it).

This group will meet via Zoom on Monday evenings at 7p (Eastern time) / 6p (Central Time).

A staff member of one of the partnering agencies will moderate the group to incite discussion and ensure the safe space is being honored.

Register below: