details of poetry workshop

A workshop devoted to restorative self-expression in the form of poetry.

Through discussion of poetry’s healing potential and several in-class creative writing exercises, participants will begin their own poems and join others in this journey toward creative self-expression. Workshop members will gain tools to explore healing and self-expression in writing, engage in a community devoted to strengthening self and “sparking” poems, and learn how creative writing on one’s own can forever provide “a place to put things that have no place.” Snacks, paper and pencil, creative writing worksheets and copies of inspiring poems will be provided. Support, information and resource material for survivors of trauma will be available as well.

Experience with creative writing is not necessary to participate in this workshop.

Bio of poet and educator Lisa Williams:

Since 2001 Lisa has taught poetry writing at Centre College, where she is Director of Creative Writing. Lisa has also led workshops for women at the Kentucky Women Writers Conference and at Bedford Women’s Correctional Facility (in Bedford, NY), as well as for children at the Arts Center of the Bluegrass in Danville. Lisa has published three books of poems (The Hammered Dulcimer 1998, Woman Reading to the Sea 2008, and Gazelle in the House, 2014). Since 2015 she has been Series Editor for the University Press of Kentucky’s New Poetry and Prose Series.