Pleasure Centered Healing for Big Bodied Survivors

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What can participants expect?
This group has been developed in partnership with Sonalee Rashatwar, a fat, queer, therapist and radical educator known by her Instagram handle as @TheFatSexTherapist.  This is a group for fat survivors of sexual violence in which we will explore the ways big bodies, the sexual traumas they’ve experienced, and our ideas around pleasure are connected.  We will explore these topics through an intersectional lens – recognizing the ways that our different identities and life experiences impact our healing.  You will leave this 4 week series having explored deeply how fat survivors of sexual violence can reclaim and experience pleasure in all its forms in a world violent towards fat bodies.  This group is free, confidential, and will meet virtually on Tuesday nights.

This group is capped at 15 participants living in Ampersand’s 17 county service region in Central KY. It is open to all genders and ages and will focus on centering the most marginalized.  Preference will be given to Black survivors, survivors of color, and disabled survivors.

Click here to view admission criteria and apply for this workshop.