What to expect in the series?

August 25 – What is mindfulness? What is meditation? How can they help me? We’ll talk about setting up your physical outer space as well as your internal space; experience a guided meditation to create a safe space; and learn simple sitting meditation.

September 1 – An introduction to the Vagus nerve and the nervous system, plus experience of guided body scan meditations to develop solid presence and self-compassion in any situation you may encounter.

September 8 – Let’s dive in to Loving Kindness Meditation (also called metta meditation), self-first. Practicing this meditation cultivates compassion toward self and others – the root of happiness.

September 15 – We’ll expand on Loving Kindness by learning and practicing a type of meditation called “tonglen,” which is a method for connecting with and relieving suffering for ourselves and others. We’ll also weave in preparation for the shift of the seasons.

September 22 – On this Autumnal Equinox, we’ll practice meditations for the season with particular focus on harvesting and letting go – giving ourselves a sense of lightness and freedom to live life to its fullest.

September 29 – We wrap up the series by engaging all the layers of our being through guided practices that nurture and bring balance to our physical, energetic, mental, wisdom and spiritual bodies (also known as our five “koshas”).

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Setting up your space for meditation

(A helpful video to watch before your first workshop session with us!)

Mindfulness Tools for Healing, Health, & Harmony

August 25 – September 29, 2020

Tuesday evenings at 7 pm via Zoom – Free

In this 6-workshop series with Judy Flavell, you will learn and develop tools you can use daily to reconnect with your body and breath; soothe your nervous system; cultivate a calmer mind; and connect more deeply with others, even in this time of physical distancing. These extraordinary times call for us to be fully present with ourselves so that we may be well and show up for ourselves and others with clarity and love. Please join in! No yoga or meditation experience is necessary. You are encouraged to attend one or all sessions.

These workshops are open to all survivors, no matter when your trauma took place, as well as anyone who supports survivors. The workshop is free with registration. Attend all six sessions, or sign up and join anytime. If you sign up by August 20th you will receive a mindfulness journal.