Equine Assisted Survivors of Trauma Group

EAST is a program developed through the partnership of Ampersand Sexual Violence Center, Central Kentucky Riding for Hope, and Charlotte Easley, LCSW and Equine Specialist. Participation is free of charge through funding from Ampersand Sexual Violence Resource Center.

EAST is an experiential, educational group that is focused on learning and skills practice. It is not a trauma processing group, and survivors will be asked to process individual needs that arise with their individual therapists in their required weekly one-on-one sessions.  The focus of EAST is less on individual experiences with trauma, and more on shared or common experiences, challenges and coping.

EAST Activities include:

          • Psychoeducation regarding the impact of trauma, triggers, relationship challenges, communication and boundaries
          • Opportunities to connect with other trauma survivors and experience validation
          • Opportunities to connect with an equine companion in a controlled environment in which to practice the skills learned
          • Access to expertise and experience of trained trauma therapists, advocates and equine specialists

Group meets on Fridays from 6pm – 8:30pm, 4/8 – 5/20.

Registration closes 4/1.