C is for Consent

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Phonics with Finn

The Conscious Kid


Written by Eleanor Morrison 

Illustrated by Faye Orlove

Narrated by Charles Baldwin

A simple lesson about body boundaries appropriate for a wide range of ages. Finn goes to a party with family and friends. His parents encourage him to make his own choices about receiving and offering physical affection. At the end of the story, Finn waits for consent before holding the hand of his female best friend. C IS FOR CONSENT follows expert recommendations about letting kids make their own decisions regarding physical affection. The book teaches babies, toddlers, parents, and grandparents that it is okay for kids to say no to hugs and kisses, and that what happens to a person’s body is up to them. This helps children grow up confident in their bodies, comfortable with expressing physical boundaries, and respectful of the boundaries of others. In sturdy board book format, with thoughtful discussion questions for older kids and caregivers.

With Kids:

What does consent mean?

When did Finn give consent in the story?

When did Finn ask for consent in the story?

What kind of touch do you like and not like?

How can you ask your friends for consent when you want to high five or hug?

With other caregivers:

How should we step in if someone we know doesn’t ask for consent for affection?

Should we ask our child for consent?

Does our child need to ask us for consent?

How can we teach everyone in our family to be comfortable hearing and saying, “no” inside and outside of the house?