Write messages of awareness, hope, and prevention with chalk on the sidewalk in front of your home or business or paint rocks with positive messages and leave around town.  Make it a class project to decorate the walk around the school or any other chalk/rock-able surface (with permission, as needed).   Take pictures and post to social media.  Join us in the movement to recognize and work to end sexual violence.  Your actions count!

Ideas you can use when you CHALK THE WALK / ROCK KINDNESS!

  • #RIPRapeCulture
  • We can end sexual violence
  • Prevention is possible
  • Stop victim blaming
  • Create a world without violence
  • End rape culture
  • No one has to do everything; everyone has to do something
  • What are you going to do today to make the world a safer place?
  • My outfit does not give you permission for anything
  • Rape is a reality. We can change that.
  • Everyone deserves respect and safety
  • Violence does not = love
  • Got Consent?
  • We believe you
  • kNOw MORE