We all deserve to be heard. I’m proud that Ampersand is listening.

2018 was a difficult year for me. My problems are relatively benign-- family changes, elder care, consequential life decisions, and the like. They are common problems for many folks that I know, but I also know that my pain and sadness are valid. 2018 brought many hardships, there were a lot of tears, and difficult

When housing isn’t a home: housing + sexual violence

Nearly two years ago when I came to work at Ampersand I left an agency very close to my heart, Habitat for Humanity of Madison & Clark Counties. I grew up in poverty housing and believe that having a safe, decent, affordable home is the foundation for upward mobility for individuals and families. Housing access,

Ampersand Announces Interim Executive Director

For Immediate Release – December 7th, 2018 Yancy Ackerman, yancyack@gmail.com Taryn Henning named as Interim Executive Director of Ampersand Sexual Violence Resource Center of the Bluegrass     Ampersand’s Board of Directors has named Taryn Henning as the Interim Executive Director during our search for a new Executive Director. “The Board has great faith in

Collaborate for Culture Change

December is often a season of nonprofit competition disguised as season of giving. We want to shake things up. The GoodGiving Challenge starts TODAY and this is our organization’s first go at the challenge as Ampersand. To achieve Ampersand’s vision: freedom from sexual violence, we need you. Our vision cannot be achieved without you. There

On “#meToo”

In 2007, Tarana Burke founded a non-profit organization to help victims of sexual violence.  Her mission was propelled by the phrase she coined: me too.  She sought out resources and support for victims that she had struggled to find previously.  Over a decade later, her words became a movement.   As I was preparing my

Revolutionary Joy

Ampersand staff, board and supporters, As we have recently heard the news that our president’s arrival in town for a speaking engagement in Richmond may have an impact on how our event runs on Saturday night, it feels important to acknowledge this and to get on the same page in our response.  We are preparing

Resources for Trans Individuals

A survivor’s identity changes their ability to access the resources intended for them. Without intentionally reaching out and making spaces that are inclusive to those who have marginalized identities, there are large groups of people who won’t get access to vital services. The LGBTQ+ community has been frequently left out, and there is one letter

What’s Your Green Dot?

Hi Y’all! I’m Jordon Tate, the prevention coordinator at Ampersand and with my role I work with middle school and high school students teaching them about how to become an active bystander through a program called Green Dot! Throughout the program, students are encouraged to identify their role as a bystander in ending power-based personal